Messi in the final again…

Messi and Copa America are poles apart.

Messi’s decision seems justified when you think the number of times he has gone through the same situation-what must he do to win a final? Not to mention the level of confidence that must have been drained out of him losing each final. But looking back there seems to be a pattern in which Messi is too good upto the semi-finals and after


it’s just the same old story. On Sunday (here in India) Chile were without Jorge famed for the ‘chaos’ tactics. This time Chile kept the ball more often with less chaotic displays-One of the reasons why I felt this was the year for Messi and Co. That was until both the sides were reduced to 10 men. After that it was just slow tempo play but Chile seemed relaxed and threatened Argentina. It was at this moment I though to myself if Messi offered the team anything at all? He is creative and skillful but we are talking about 10 v 10 where every lads must work hard in every phase. Argentina looked like they were playing 9 men without the ball. With the ball you need not be creative as long as you’re fast as most of the attacks were counter-attacks. Yes,there are voices saying that Messi is indespensable but in the name of efficiency Argentina is better without Messi.