3-5-2 and Manipur

When it comes to formations in football, every region has its own mantra on what best tactic – formation wise – to follow. From my experience in Manipur , especially last year I have noticed that 3-5-2 is the most followed formation. I consider this to be a pro-attacking formation. Philosophies depend on the culture of the region and it is no wonder that kids here prefer playing in advanced positions rather than being goalie or in defensive positions. 

The formation usually has 3 last line defense with the middle player behaving like a sweeper more often. There is one defense mid, two midfielder, two winger and two striker. Like I said it is more of an attacking formation with about six player who can position in attacking third when in attacking phase. 

This is also a problem because no team is always in attacking phase. The wingers are isolated allowing for spaces on the sides. It is inevitable that side backs will press in a man-marking tactic. This will then create spaces between the last defenders unless the defense midfield covers which is rare when opponents are direct.

3-5-2 and black dots represent the spaces which opponents can take advantage of.

No wonder games in which both teams employ this formation will always be entertaining because of its attacking benefits and the space that simultaneously is formed at the sides and back. I see this mainly in amateur games where it is all about direct play and it is frantic. 

This year though there are changes tactically. Most of the teams in MSL(Manipur state league) have come out with 4-4-2 which brings more stability at the back meaning less goals.

Credits Lenlai Club.

Compare these two leagues where CC pur Super(CSL) can be said to be the amateur league. The average goals per game for MSL is 1.18 compared to CSL’s 1.63. Not a big difference you might say but if you look closer there are only 2 clubs in MSL (out of 12) that average 2 goals per game when CSL has 3 teams out of 7 with 2 goals per game. This means CSL is more entertaining than MSL but more chaotic. 

But again this is true only if teams in CSL

are using the 352 tactic.