Lesson 1 – Warm Up

http:// http://www.fourfourtwo.com/performance/training/eight-warm-exercises?utm_m_medium=t

Here is a link to warm up tips by four four two which I saw the other day and thought why not test it practically? Well I have been reading a lot on warm-up,  the dos and do nots. Of the eight warm-up exercises four (tuck jump, lateral bound, single and double leg squat) are more like plyometric exercises which means they require explosive action. My leg muscles felt ticklish and I couldn’t do anything for a while. The lesson-no explosive action in warm up. Always dynamic.

Another thing that happened while doing rondos was I stressed my ankles which wouldn’t have happened if my warm-up had been more about warming up my muscles and not straining it.
Again be dynamic.